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SLEA 360°ARTWalk

Spring is in the air and the budding colors and shapes of creation have emerged as we introduce the new 360°ARTWalk. The very heart of SLEA was designed to accommodate an outer circular walkway signifying a never ending cycle of creativity provided by the numerous unique styles of the artists in SL.

Upon arrival at please accept our SLEA Experience that enables the visitor to effortlessly walk into a pod and jump to the desired location. The 360°ARTWalk can be viewed by walking out onto the observation deck located at landing and accessed by using sub TP to Ground or using The Machinima.Land TP Experience Pod.

We invite you to take a quiet contemplative 360°stroll around and discover the unique thoughts and styles by 9 remarkable artists. The creations are placed on our art ponds and will be on exhibit through June 30, 2021. While on the 360 be sure to stop in and discover the ever changing permanent installation by Wizardoz Chrome, The SLEA INFO area and the SLEA Bridge Project.

360°ARTWalk Launch Artists

  • Mikati Slade – “The Seven Trumpets”
  • SOUIX (souixeside) – “Gooey”
  • Rory Torrance – “Chromantic Matrix”
  • Suzanne Graves – “Harmonic C Series #1001”
  • ZackHerrmann – “Linda Cluster – The Birth of The Mother Plant”
  • Stabitha (what88.zond) – “The Sacrifice”
  • Yann GYRO (sempiternel) – “Head In Space”
  • Eupalinos Ugajin – “Encore un coup de M!” with Vincent Priesly (sweet vincent) – “Project Vers”
  • Special Bonus Innovation Display by Vroum Short of “vegetalplanet” (feature story coming soon)

To help the viewer understand the artist and the art there is a sign that you are able to click on and receive information. As always if you are interested in purchasing any art at SLEA we graciously refer you directly to the artist.

If you would like to create or share an original art sculpture to be featured on one of our art ponds, please contact Dawny Daviau for more information.


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