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New Musical Toys at MusicLAB!

One of the fundamental missions of SLEA MusicLAB is to make music creation simple for everyone. So I discovered with particular enthusiasm these tools, created by Google, called Chrome Music Lab. It seems that we musicians don’t have much creativity with names, but patience. Tools included in the experience are many. and they can beContinue reading “New Musical Toys at MusicLAB!”

SLEA to Unveil 4 All New 2D Galleries Opening July 3. 2022

Second Life Endowment for The Arts opened January 1, 2021 and as many new projects unfold, SLEA has been finding its own “sea legs” and special niche amidst all of the existing SL Art Communities. The original proposal for the overall SLEA project back in 2020 included 2D representation but with the numerous, already established,Continue reading “SLEA to Unveil 4 All New 2D Galleries Opening July 3. 2022”