We are the official blog for the Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA).

SLEA is in partnership with Linden Lab(LL) who has generously provided grid space for the creative advancement of virtual Arts in Second Life (SL).

A fresh LL endowment genesis is evident in the futuristic, eco-friendly and artfully designed Main Landing Region7, which serves as a nucleus for the surrounding free-standing Art Grant Award regions. 

Having a sense of puritan grandeur, Region 7 represents the new and renewable start to an Artistic Era in Second Life by the lightness and open, airy transparent look.

There are a total of 9 Regions in place. The purpose of two of these is to serve as a walking “connection bridge” symbolic of SLEA connecting to Art Venues across the grid.

Watch the blog for the announcement of our opening events in January.

To learn more, please explore this blog using the menu above or the archives to the right.

Featured Image: Rosinante Vinson

Latest News!

Artist Snapshot: Anelime and Serra

From April until the end of June 2021, Anelime Lubitsch and Serra Qendra will undertake a 3 month residency in Quad Grant Region (SE) in order to present “Trampled Ground Pt. 1 (Dream).” This is no mean feat, given their timezones make it difficult to meet, being based in Europe and Australia respectively. My first… Continue Reading →

Artist Snapshots: Jennifer Steele

With the excitement of the announcement of the grants being awarded, we will be giving a glimpse at the artists themselves. First up is Jennifer Steele. Jennifer is an RL artist as well as a potential Art Educator at SLEA. She has a passion for the arts that is nearly palpable. We look forward to… Continue Reading →

Instagram Challenge

#SLEAARTISTCHALLENGE Plum (Plumqueen), SLEA’s Instagram curator has a few challenges in store for all SL artists. Taking part will be a fun way to introduce and promote yourself within the arts community. To join the first of the challenges, copy the template below, answer the questions and repost on your favourite social media platform with the… Continue Reading →

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