This months featured original artwork is by Kalyca McCallen. Kalyca is a multi talented, free spirited artist originally from the Bay Area, California USA. Kalyca’s creativity has always been colorful. As long as she can remember, she has been a performer, an artist, and an adventurer. She is currently displaying her talents at Region 3 as part of the Alchemelic duo along with d-oo-b. Their collaborative Grant Region will be on exhibit through June 30.


We are the official blog for the Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA).

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Main Landing & Grant Regions

Region 1 – Grant Artist: Suzen Juel Resistance “The Dream Hangover” – Click HERE to visit

Region 2 – Grant Artists: Rage Darkstone “Circus” and TerraMerhyem “Strange Fruits” – Click HERE to visit

Region 3 – d-oo-b & Kalyca “Alchemilla” – Click HERE to visit

Region 4 – NE Seta Rosea “I Vicoli”, SE seirra Qendra & Anelime Lubitsch “Trampled Ground”, NW Iskye Silverweb”IDENTITY”, SW marea2007.praga “MY SURREAL WORLD PT 2” – Click HERE to visit

Region 5 – SLEA Art Sandbox – Click HERE to visit

Region 6 – Pearl Hyacinth “Bioacoustics Museolab” – Click HERE to visit

Region 7 – Machinima Land – Click HERE to visit

Region 8/9 – The SLEA Bridge Project – Click HERE to visit

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