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Machinima Classes Beginning

Come Join And Learn Tuesday May 4, 2021 at 1:00pm SLT

Virtual World Moviemaking Workshops

New updated English version (2021) of the course, Second Life oriented, held by Sergej Zarf.
The purpose of the course is to enable everyone to record live events from virtual worlds (but also from a camera or desktop) and create machinima and tutorials, or broadcast live events, embed the videos in their blogs/ websites, and share them on the main video-sharing platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Teaching materials (PDF) in English and Italian, and Certificate of Participation.


● 1st lesson (introduction) – May, 4th
Basics of registration in virtual platforms; minimum requirements and computer settings, description of the programs used. Policy (what you need to know before resuming).
● 2nd lesson – May, 5th
Practical video shooting tests in different situations. Useful techniques and accessories to improve shooting: use of the camera, program interfaces (viewer or other); presentation of a 3D mouse.
● 3rd lesson – May, 11th
Use of the viewer environment editor used for navigation in virtual environments (eg. Firestorm); learn to modify the atmosphere, the lights, and the climate of the settings to
obtain ever more evocative shots.
● 4th lesson – May, 18th
I shot the scenes and now?
Tools to edit photos, videos, and audio, locally and online. The list of programs used will be provided at the first lesson to allow each participant to test it in advance on their devices.
● 5th lesson – May, 25th
Practical exercise:
elements of direction, inspection, shooting planning, production, and editing.

SLurl Machinima.Land:
Sergej Zarf – e-mail:
Wizardoz Chrome (Alba Rocca on FB) – e-mail:

About Sergej Zarf

In his “real life” he is a computer technician and has been dealing with communication, telecommunications and information technology since 1983. His main area of interest concerns the technological evolution in the humanistic field (digital humanities). In virtual worlds since 2007, he mainly deals with live streaming and documentation of events organized in virtual worlds. Co-founder of the Pyramid Café group web TV channel, he has made machinima and documentaries on art installations made in Second Life, OpenSim and other platforms, as well as teaching video shooting courses in virtual worlds since 2012.

Article Credits: Wizardoz Chrome


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