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WoodCrest Performing Arts Special Exhibit and Show ‘FLOURISH’ at SLEA

We invite you to a unique exhibit showing for 5 days only through Saturday August 13. ‘Flourish’ is both an art installation created as a precursor to a fantastic show to presented by our friends at WCPA. Woodcrest University is an urban RP (roleplay) community found in the London Docks and Woodcrest sims in SecondContinue reading “WoodCrest Performing Arts Special Exhibit and Show ‘FLOURISH’ at SLEA”

Launch 4 Artists & Art

Welcome to all our new Launch 4 Grant Artists who have been eagerly creating their unique art especially for you since July 1, 2022. The grant artists from all over the globe, will either allow visitors access to view the building process while creating or keep the area closed until completion. This will be indicatedContinue reading “Launch 4 Artists & Art”