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“Expressions” By Carla Heartsong

A visual tour artfully captured by SLEA Core Volunteer Carla Heartsong. Carla’s video shows only a few of the participating artists on display throughout the 9 Regions of Second Life Endowment for The Arts and shares a glimpse of what is waiting for visitors to discover and enjoy at SLEA.

Carla Heartsong is from Belgium and since childhood has been exploring various ways of capturing images of the world around her. Armed with no more than a pencil and a camera, momentary reflections of people, nature, cities and fragments of history were translated into a stationary vision on the world.

Carla has been in SL since March of 2007 and has experimented with many different mediums of expression as well as being the past owner, builder and creator of several Gallery projects featuring her own works as well as others.

In November of 2008 she made her first machinima in SL and her subject matter went from quiet, peaceful expressions to bright, compelling captures with an absolute minimum of post processing. Her working inspiration is drawn from musical arrangements that accompany the video work.

It was in May of 2009 that she captured a movie titled “Sorrow and Hope” based on real life concerns that caught the eye of a RL French curator and was asked to present her movie in a Brazilian cinema festival organized by Itau Cultural. The movie then went on to became part of Festival d’Aix-en-Provence in France for some time.

Carla takes pride in presenting raw unedited photos in RL and in SL. Her love of nature, spirituality and art prove to be key elements in her creativity.

Special recognition to all artists who have created and shared their talents at SLEA now and in the future.

Filmed throughout the 9 regions of Second LIfe Endowment for The Arts generously provided by Linden Lab for the promotion of the virtual arts in Second Life. Video work and Production by SLEA Volunteer Carla Heartsong.

  • Wizardoz Chrome (“The Arts” Poster, MachinimaLand) Region 7
  • vroom Short (Innovations 3D Installation) Region 7
  • Yann Gyro – sempiternel (3D Sculpt) Region 7
  • Mikati Slade (3D Installation) Region 7
  • Regi Yifu (Bridge & Pod Designer, Creator) Region 7, 8, 9
  • iSkye Silverweb (Grant Region Artist) Region 4
  • Loki Elliot (PAC Designer, Creator) Region 7
  • Dido Haas (Art Venue Exhibit) Region 9
  • MareaPraga (Grant Region Artist) Region 4
  • Seta Rosea (Grant Region Artist) Region 4
  • Eupalinos Ugajin (3D Sculpt) Region 7
  • SouixEside (3D Sculpt) Region 7
  • ZackHerrMan (3D Installation) Region 7
  • Suzen Juel (Grant Region Artist) Region 1
  • Stabitha- What88 Zond (3D Sculpt) Region 7
  • doob -Eifachfilm Vacirca (Grand Region Artist) Region 3
  • Kalyca McCallen (Grant Region Artist) Region 3
  • Rory Torance (3D Sculpt) Region 7
  • Pearl Hyacinth (Grant Region Artist) Region 6

To visit TP to Main Landing, Accept our SLEA Experience and Enjoy!


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