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The Sway and Dance Troupe Finale!

As we find ourselves in the final stretch of March, it’s the perfect time to take notice of what you have yet to see before it’s gone. On region four, one of the art grant winners are a very established and talented group of performers, called The Sway and Dance Troupe. Their residency here is nearing it’s final days come the end of March. Their finale will be March 27th at 5pm sl time!

“Our exhibit at SLEA is a collection of art works taken from our dance routines from our years of performing in SL. They are arranged around the center which is a rotating yin-yang symbol, representing a balance of all the arts: spoken, music, and visual.”

Each member of the dance troupe contribute their individual talents and expertise to make these vivid and orchestrated displays really come to life.

Joseph Nussbaum


As the Director, Joseph Nussbaum’s talents in organizing and choreographing the shows really shine through. No detail is left forgotten as he keeps a keen eye on all things involved with creating the sets and dances.

Boris Twist

Particle Designer

With careful consideration, Boris Twist perfectly balances the scenes with particles to work along side the performers in each performance. His scripting knowledge and precision make him a valuable asset to the group.

Novs Morlim

Dancer & Announcer

Not only is Novs Morline the Troupe’s announcer, but he gives his creative input in choregraphing the dances. He can be seen performing along side the other members of Troupe.

Spankster Cyberstar

Fashion Designer

Costumes are hugely responsible for aiding in the immersion of a scene and with his visionary style, Spankster Cybstar is the perfect person for the job. He has also been known to be hands on in designing stages for some performances.

Dillon Enoch

Set Designer

One of the newer additions to The Sway and Dance Troupe, meet Dillion Enoch. The owner of Enoch Sim Design who has been providing his talent and design expertise by creating multiple sets for shows.

Marly Moon


Performing in front of an audience isn’t for many. Even in a virtual world it takes courage. With his fearless and outgoing approach, Marly Moon makes an exceptional addition to the Troupe as a dancer.

Bryan Trefoil


Bryan Trefoil is not only a dancer and fashion support with the troupe, but he is also technical support. He is swift to spot any glitches or problems in the performance areas.

The Sway and Dance Troupe's finale will include the follow performances.

1.    Is it Love? Daniel Lentz 10’0”
Daniel Lentz is a composer living in California; our version of it presents the music as Water, Air, Fire, and Earth, along with the symbolic representations of each.

2.    Herding Sheep is Best Left to the Sheepherder. Music by Michael Nyman. Inspired by the film The Draughtsman Contract, Marlymoon plays our fearless leader to the sheep.

3.    Are You With Me. Easton Corbin
The set is an abstract realization of a Mexican Beach.

4.    Candyman. Christine Aqiulera. Her homage to the Andrew Sisters, except a bit naughtier.

5.    O Fly On. Cold Play

You can see the Dancing Troupe perform at SLEA in region 4. Their finale will be March 27th at 5pm sl time!

Their Sway Dance Flickr.

All photographs, information and quotes were provided with the help of Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum).

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