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Lights + Projections = Optical Illusions

In continuation of our week of Lights and Projections, Nothing (day.silvercloud) is dedicating time to be our teacher & discussions leader again at the SLEA Art Sandbox. This is your chance to experience her class if you missed out on her previous one. The class is completely free!

Where: The SLEA Art Sandbox.

When: March 24th at 11am slt.

In the mean time, if you are curious about what others learned at the previous class, we highly encourage everyone to visit us at the SLEA Art Sandbox and view what artists have left on display.

While we are focusing on lights and projections, We invite all artists to create and show us your lights and projection work this week at the SLEA Art Sandbox.

The region clean up is once a week and typically on Friday mornings with a days notice ahead of time via the free SLEA art Sandbox group. This means, we can share with each other, learn and create with out having to worry about a pesky auto return. We look forward to seeing your creativity!


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