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Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist

At Machinima.Land, we have an ongoing exclusive “Watch and Discuss with a Machinimator” and we have the honor of experiencing a presentation led by Bleu Oleander, “Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist”. Bleu Oleander has dedicated many years to her creative exploration and artistic talents. “In my first life, I have always defined myself as anContinue reading “Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist”

Creative with Cubes

What can you do with a cube? How far can you push it’s limits? We invite you to join us in the continuation with our series of creative events at the SLEA Art Sandbox. Are you a novice to Second Life creating? This is a great opportunity to learn something new. Are you a seasonedContinue reading “Creative with Cubes”

The Sway and Dance Troupe Finale!

As we find ourselves in the final stretch of March, it’s the perfect time to take notice of what you have yet to see before it’s gone. On region four, one of the art grant winners are a very established and talented group of performers, called The Sway and Dance Troupe. Their residency here isContinue reading “The Sway and Dance Troupe Finale!”