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SLEA Team Spotlight – Plum

In our series on getting to know the SLEA team members, I had the pleasure of interviewing Plum. Not only is she friendly and intelligent, but she has a deep appreciation for the arts.

Pictured above: Plum (plumqueen)

Second Life Name:Plumqueen, A.K.A Plum
Second Life Age:3 Months
Birth Place:Second Life (Learning Island)
Languages:English, Spanish for work and learning German.
Second Life Occupations:SLEA Instagram Curator and Gallery Manager at Covenstead Art Gallery
Second Life Hobbies:Riding her motorcycle
Cafe hopping (I love SL treats and drinks!)
Beginner Role Player

SamaraMiree: “What is your artistic background in Second Life? Do you express yourself in an artistic form in SL and what kind of SL medium do you use?

Plum: “I’m not an artist at all!  I just love to support the arts. If I am expressing myself artistically at all in SL, it’s decorating my adorable cottage.”

SamaraMiree: “Could you tell us about the journey you took to get involved with SLEA?”

Plum: “It all started when I volunteered to manage the Covenstead Gallery.  A resident there passed me the information on SLEA, so that I can support it in the gallery too.  I am always interested in uplifting the art community in RL and SL, so when I saw the call for volunteers, I decided to apply.”

SamaraMiree: “What do you plan to do as the SLEA Instagram Curator and what is your vision for the SLEA Instagram?”

Plum: “I want to see SLEA be a success! My plan as Instagram Curator is to be another communication to Second lifers on their fave Social media platform. Instagram is interesting because it’s a combination of visual information delivery as well as heavy interaction on other pages. SL instagramers use their page as a quilt, adding their pieces, memories and other bits to form an overall snapshot of their life, art, or whatever. They also build community by connecting with others that follow their interests.  I want our instagram page to be a resource to them to see daily updates and an overall look at the evolution of SLEA. I also want the page to represent the SLEA community and be a voice from SL to instagram.”

SamaraMiree: “Have you had any memorable experiences so far in your journey with the growing SLEA project?”

Plum: “So far, it’s been experiencing all of the people really cheering SLEA on. I think Tansee and Hann have done such a great job getting this started and it’s nice that people are really supporting it.”

SamaraMiree: “What are you most excited to see in SLEA?”

Plum: “Firstly, the grant winners and what they choose to do with it! I am also excited to see what will be on display in the innovation sector.”

Pictured above: Norma (SamaraMiree) and Plum (plumqueen)

SamaraMiree: “Will you tell us three Second Life Artist (of any kind) that you admire in Second Life and why?”

Plum: “Indea Vaher – Indea’s  art feels like a hug, like I can see my family and ancestors through the canvas smiling back at me. Indea is a fantastic person and I am overall just happy to know her.

Bump Squeegee- Bumps art reminds me of my dreams. Symbolic, colorful and I can feel his confidence in his art. I also think it’s pretty cool that Bump was a RL art teacher.

Anu Papp of Muse Dance Co- Anu choreographs beautiful movements that tell complex stories. She uses her platform for fun choreography as well as thought provoking and emotional.”

SamaraMiree: “What inspires you the most in second life?”

Plum: “Community.  Some people don’t have the privilege to choose who they interact with day to day in RL but in SL, you have a choice in how you want to build your community, family and friends. It’s inspiring because SL makes the world smaller…attainable.  I can be sitting in my beautiful garden chatting with my friend Palash, who lives in a totally different continent, about  things that we have in common and in the next moment attending  a meeting at  the National Space Society with a bunch of RL scientists chatting about the possibility of a future life in space. The connections here are paramount and arguably very needed in a current disconnected world.”

SamaraMiree: “Is there anything else you would like to add or anything you would like to say?”

Plum: “FANTASTIC Job Tansee and Hann!”

 The SLEA team is lucky to have a brilliant person such as Plum as our Instagram Curator. She has a fresh vision and the dedication to represent SLEA on Instagram. Thank you Plum!

SLEA is still accepting Grant applications. Don’t be afraid to apply! This could be your chance to showcase your artwork with SLEA.

Pictures are by SamaraMiree.
Written by SamaraMiree.
Quotes are as spoken by Plumqueen.


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