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Region 2 Flash Fiction Island

Flash Fiction Island, overseen by Vaneeesa Blaylock, officially opened on SLEA’s Region 1 January 1st 2021.   Due to close February 28th, this review is a celebration of a remarkable participatory and collaborative arts residency at SLEA and a last chance call to appreciate the remaining exhibits before the region is handed over to theContinue reading “Region 2 Flash Fiction Island”

The SLEA Art Sandbox Centre

Unlike the average sandbox regions in Second Life, the SLEA Art Sandbox isn’t another place dedicated to opening packages. The region is a birth place of creation and creativity. If you have been looking for a warm and welcoming place to bring your artistic visions to life, the SLEA Art Sandbox is the perfect creativeContinue reading “The SLEA Art Sandbox Centre”

Designing Worlds Studio Premier

Many from the SLEA community, sporting Regimade T-Shirts (courtesy of Regi Yifu), took a field trip to the Designing Worlds Studio for their first episode of the season. The programme, hosted by Elrik Merlin and Aisling Sinclair, featured interviews with SLEA volunteers, Regi Yifu, Safar Fiertze, and Tansee, and Launch 1 Grant artists, Briony Writer,Continue reading “Designing Worlds Studio Premier”