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Ant Farm Light Gallery

Since January, the Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yif (Ft. Bachi Cheng), has been on display at SLEA in region four. As it’s final days on display here at SLEA approach, I had to revisit it. SamaraMiree: “Was there inspiration for it?”Regi Yifu: “Just playing around in blender to come up with a coolContinue reading “Ant Farm Light Gallery”

Machinima Land: Region 7

Machinima Land, like the Performing Arts Center, is difficult to miss when arriving at SLEA’s landing pod. The brain child of Wizardoz Chrome, it is one of the Launch 1 grant awards. Her initial aim was to build a place dedicated to activities related to Machinima and more generally to the eighth art: media. FromContinue reading “Machinima Land: Region 7”

SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Info

In continuing SLEA’s outreach to new and upcoming artists, we’d love to remind you of SLEA’s free sandbox region that is available for use. SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Slurl: Don’t forget, you will need to join the group to build here at the SLEA Art Sandbox Centre and it’s completely free! The SLEA ArtContinue reading “SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Info”