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Lights + Projections = Optical Illusions

In continuation of our week of Lights and Projections, Nothing (day.silvercloud) is dedicating time to be our teacher & discussions leader again at the SLEA Art Sandbox. This is your chance to experience her class if you missed out on her previous one. The class is completely free! Where: The SLEA Art Sandbox. When: MarchContinue reading “Lights + Projections = Optical Illusions”

Machinima Story

Machinima Story is a showing of machinima followed by discussion brought to you by the award-winning and internationally acclaimed artist Tutsy NAvArAthnA: a “Peintre, photographe et réalisateur de films courts, expérimentaux ou documentaires. À la recherche de nouvelles formes d’expressions, il s’est Immergé dans des mondes virtuels tel que Second Life où devenant à laContinue reading “Machinima Story”

Optical Illusion Class & Road Trip

Hello art enthusiasts! We would like to invite everyone to join us this Friday for an optical illusion building class taught by Nothing (day.silvercloud), with music provided by DJ. Morris (poppymorris). With over a decade of building knowledge and experience within Second Life, Nothing is a gifted and accomplished SL lighting and environment artist. SheContinue reading “Optical Illusion Class & Road Trip”