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Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist

At Machinima.Land, we have an ongoing exclusive “Watch and Discuss with a Machinimator” and we have the honor of experiencing a presentation led by Bleu Oleander, “Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist”. Bleu Oleander has dedicated many years to her creative exploration and artistic talents. “In my first life, I have always defined myself as anContinue reading “Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist”

Machinima Story

Machinima Story is a showing of machinima followed by discussion brought to you by the award-winning and internationally acclaimed artist Tutsy NAvArAthnA: a “Peintre, photographe et réalisateur de films courts, expérimentaux ou documentaires. À la recherche de nouvelles formes d’expressions, il s’est Immergé dans des mondes virtuels tel que Second Life où devenant à laContinue reading “Machinima Story”

Machinima Land: Region 7

Machinima Land, like the Performing Arts Center, is difficult to miss when arriving at SLEA’s landing pod. The brain child of Wizardoz Chrome, it is one of the Launch 1 grant awards. Her initial aim was to build a place dedicated to activities related to Machinima and more generally to the eighth art: media. FromContinue reading “Machinima Land: Region 7”