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Designing Worlds Studio Premier

Many from the SLEA community, sporting Regimade T-Shirts (courtesy of Regi Yifu), took a field trip to the Designing Worlds Studio for their first episode of the season. The programme, hosted by Elrik Merlin and Aisling Sinclair, featured interviews with SLEA volunteers, Regi Yifu, Safar Fiertze, and Tansee, and Launch 1 Grant artists, Briony Writer,Continue reading “Designing Worlds Studio Premier”

SLEA in the News: January

After Opening with a Bang on New Year’s Eve, Second Life Endowment for the Arts enjoyed some time in the limelight. Akiko Kinoshi was the first to produce and present a video of the day’s events which can be viewed here: After adding SLEA to the Destination Guide, Linden Lab joined Tansee who took videographer,Continue reading “SLEA in the News: January”