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Artist Snapshot: iSkye Silverweb

One of the first things to learn about iSkye Silverweb, the last of the Launch 1 Grant Award artists to be featured in our snapshot series, is that she is a very busy woman, her second life overlapping with real life passions and commitments. iSkye is a facilitator and enabler in both worlds, with responsibilitiesContinue reading “Artist Snapshot: iSkye Silverweb”

Artist Snapshot: Pearl Hyacinth

For today’s Artist Snapshot, we will be featuring Pearl Hyacinth. Pearl has been apart of the arts in second life for some years. She enjoys spending her time in Second Life exploring and being in creative spaces. Pearl’s exhibit will be on Region 6 running from January 24, 2021 to June. We look forward toContinue reading “Artist Snapshot: Pearl Hyacinth”

Artist Snapshot: Suzen Juel

Suzen Juel, also known as Juel Resistance, is a feisty character who sings and plays guitar around the Second Life grid. Popular, she plays in a variety of venues from beach parties to BDSM communities. This is a source of amusement to herself as her followers often have to ask about the dress theme, andContinue reading “Artist Snapshot: Suzen Juel”