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Artist Snapshots: Wizardoz Chrome

For today’s Artist Snapshot, we introduce to you, Wizardoz Chrome! With years of experience in the arts, Wizadoz has displayed her creations on various online and virtual mediums since 2012. Wizardoz enjoys expressing one’s self through photography and creating unique machinima in virtual worlds. This week we managed to catch up with her briefly. WithContinue reading “Artist Snapshots: Wizardoz Chrome”


SLEA Team Spotlight: Dido Haas

For today‚Äôs Team Spotlight Interview, I had the honor of interviewing Dido Haas. With years of dedication to the arts, she exudes passion and admiration when asked about her artistic back ground. As the Curator for SLEA’s official Facebook page, she brings forth a sociable personality and authenticity that make her a valuable asset toContinue reading “SLEA Team Spotlight: Dido Haas”