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Artist Snapshots: Vaneeesa Blaylock

For today’s Artist Snapshot, I had the pleasure of catching up with Vaneeesa Blaylock! Her zest for life and bubbly personality was contagious as she indulged me with my inquires. With over a decade of experience in the arts, Vaneeesa started her journey toward the virtual arts in 2009 by creating performance work for aContinue reading “Artist Snapshots: Vaneeesa Blaylock”


Artist Snapshots: Marea2007 Praga

For over a decade, Marea2007 Praga has been involved in the arts community. She has had experience that ranges from organizing art exhibitions for other artist, to creating her own. When describing her artistic style, she said: “My love for Art has always had a special attention to Surrealism, which has always been more congenialContinue reading “Artist Snapshots: Marea2007 Praga”

Artist Snapshots: Regi Yifu

With his larger than life personality, Regi Yifu lights up a room with his presence. Every interaction that I personally have had with Regi, always left me at ease. Even with his bright nature, he still has a aura of mystery about him. He is always very approachable when I come to him with inquiriesContinue reading “Artist Snapshots: Regi Yifu”