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Bioacoustics Museolab

With art experience in multiple virtual worlds, including our very own Second Life, Pearl Hyacinth (pearlhyacinth) has brought to SLEA the exhibit Bioacoustics Museolab. Located on Region 6, the outline of Bioacoustics is located on the wall upon landing. The exhibit is broken down to 4 Stages. Building, adding content, performances, and lastly a presentation.Continue reading “Bioacoustics Museolab”

SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Info

In continuing SLEA’s outreach to new and upcoming artists, we’d love to remind you of SLEA’s free sandbox region that is available for use. SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Slurl: Don’t forget, you will need to join the group to build here at the SLEA Art Sandbox Centre and it’s completely free! The SLEA ArtContinue reading “SLEA Art Sandbox Centre Info”