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Artist Snapshot: Pearl Hyacinth

For today’s Artist Snapshot, we will be featuring Pearl Hyacinth. Pearl has been apart of the arts in second life for some years. She enjoys spending her time in Second Life exploring and being in creative spaces. Pearl’s exhibit will be on Region 6 running from January 24, 2021 to June. We look forward toContinue reading “Artist Snapshot: Pearl Hyacinth”

Artist Snapshots: Cordediseta Rosea

For today’s Artist Snapshot, I had the opportunity to catch up with Cordediseta Rosea. With her approachable persona, she was more than kind enough to indulge in my inquires. “My journey began many years ago as an organizer of art exhibitions. I was fascinated by the genius, by the ability to express oneself of theContinue reading “Artist Snapshots: Cordediseta Rosea”

Artist Snapshots: Vaneeesa Blaylock

For today’s Artist Snapshot, I had the pleasure of catching up with Vaneeesa Blaylock! Her zest for life and bubbly personality was contagious as she indulged me with my inquires. With over a decade of experience in the arts, Vaneeesa started her journey toward the virtual arts in 2009 by creating performance work for aContinue reading “Artist Snapshots: Vaneeesa Blaylock”