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Machinima Story

Machinima Story is a showing of machinima followed by discussion brought to you by the award-winning and internationally acclaimed artist Tutsy NAvArAthnA: a “Peintre, photographe et réalisateur de films courts, expérimentaux ou documentaires. À la recherche de nouvelles formes d’expressions, il s’est Immergé dans des mondes virtuels tel que Second Life où devenant à laContinue reading “Machinima Story”

The 7 Dimensions

Tiggy T. Omega (tigerlola) has been apart of the performance dance scene within Second Life for quite some time now. Over the course of her time spent performing in second life, a significant amount of time is spent creating the set for the performances. As a grant artist for SLEA, Tiggy created a three sceneContinue reading “The 7 Dimensions”

Machinima Land: Region 7

Machinima Land, like the Performing Arts Center, is difficult to miss when arriving at SLEA’s landing pod. The brain child of Wizardoz Chrome, it is one of the Launch 1 grant awards. Her initial aim was to build a place dedicated to activities related to Machinima and more generally to the eighth art: media. FromContinue reading “Machinima Land: Region 7”