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Creative with Cubes

What can you do with a cube? How far can you push it’s limits? We invite you to join us in the continuation with our series of creative events at the SLEA Art Sandbox. Are you a novice to Second Life creating? This is a great opportunity to learn something new. Are you a seasonedContinue reading “Creative with Cubes”

Ant Farm Light Gallery

Since January, the Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yif (Ft. Bachi Cheng), has been on display at SLEA in region four. As it’s final days on display here at SLEA approach, I had to revisit it. SamaraMiree: “Was there inspiration for it?”Regi Yifu: “Just playing around in blender to come up with a coolContinue reading “Ant Farm Light Gallery”

The SLEA Art Sandbox Centre

Unlike the average sandbox regions in Second Life, the SLEA Art Sandbox isn’t another place dedicated to opening packages. The region is a birth place of creation and creativity. If you have been looking for a warm and welcoming place to bring your artistic visions to life, the SLEA Art Sandbox is the perfect creativeContinue reading “The SLEA Art Sandbox Centre”