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Ant Farm Light Gallery

Since January, the Ant Farm Light Gallery by Regi Yif (Ft. Bachi Cheng), has been on display at SLEA in region four. As it’s final days on display here at SLEA approach, I had to revisit it. SamaraMiree: “Was there inspiration for it?”Regi Yifu: “Just playing around in blender to come up with a coolContinue reading “Ant Farm Light Gallery”

Artist Snapshots: Regi Yifu

With his larger than life personality, Regi Yifu lights up a room with his presence. Every interaction that I personally have had with Regi, always left me at ease. Even with his bright nature, he still has a aura of mystery about him. He is always very approachable when I come to him with inquiriesContinue reading “Artist Snapshots: Regi Yifu”