Region 4: Lessons by the sea

“Lessons by the Sea”, the creation of Jaz (Jessamine2108), Briony Writer and Harry Cover (impossibleisnotfrench), is an educative narrative inspired by the story of two South African divers, one of whom befriended an octopus. Combining story with a beach and underwater environment, a lesson of marine conservation is told through the eyes of a child,Continue reading “Region 4: Lessons by the sea”

Introducing Launch 1 Mentor

Dear artists, We are proud to introduce our Launch 1 Mentor RL and SL artist Betty Tureaud from Denmark. She will be visiting you [grant artists] in the next couple weeks to see if you have any questions you may have regarding your grant. Betty is a wealth of information on many levels. She isContinue reading “Introducing Launch 1 Mentor”

Artist Snapshot: Anelime and Serra

From April until the end of June 2021, Anelime Lubitsch and Serra Qendra will undertake a 3 month residency in Quad Grant Region (SE) in order to present “Trampled Ground Pt. 1 (Dream).” This is no mean feat, given their timezones make it difficult to meet, being based in Europe and Australia respectively. My firstContinue reading “Artist Snapshot: Anelime and Serra”

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