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Performing Arts Center

This week, we take a sneak peek behind the scenes to learn a little more about SLEA’s Performing Arts Center. The theatre is an original creation made exclusively for SLEA. Located in the south-east corner of central region 7, the visitor is greeted with a stunning panorama of dancing fountains flanked by the Bridge ProjectContinue reading “Performing Arts Center”

“The Arts” Project

◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◥▼◤◢▲◣ SLEA is excited to Announce “The Arts” Project beginning 20th of October 2020. Grid-wide artists are invited to participate ! ◢▲◣ The Arts Project provides an opportunity for artists to be a literal part of the foundation of Second Life Endowment for The Arts by creating an original texture design using the two wordsContinue reading ““The Arts” Project”

Landscape Design Grant

In our ‘Whispers’ section of the blog, we aim to bring you a weekly, behind-the-scenes glance at progress and happenings. Last week’s whispers related to the SLEA Bridge Project headed by Rosinante Vinson. This week, we take a sneaky peaky at the mysterious NW corner of Main Region 7. This area, viewable from the mainContinue reading “Landscape Design Grant”