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Grant Application Update

Grant application guidelines have been updated and are now available in 7 languages (click to view): Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Japanese and Russian. A special thank you to our International Translation Team ! For additional languages we offer: DeepLGoogle translate (see side bar) (Please return your application in English if possible) ◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◢▲◣◥▼◤◤Second LIfe EndowmentContinue reading “Grant Application Update”

Calling SL Artists!

Follow us here and on Facebook for the forthcoming Artist Grant Application Announcement. Full details of the Artist Grant Application process will be released October 1st on both platforms. In the meantime, get those ideas, concepts and manifestation objectives whirring around in your heads. We’d love for you to be part of the pioneering episodeContinue reading “Calling SL Artists!”