SLEA Art Sandbox

Meet Regi Yifu our Sandbox Curator. Regi brings a colorful exuberance and a very keen knowledge of art and design acquired during his ongoing career as a Graphic Designer. Regi is a long time builder in SL.

The SLEA Art Sandbox is located on Region 5. It offers a unique opportunity to connect other artist and creators and display your original creations.


By Joining SLEA ART Sandbox you automatically agree to read and follow the Sandbox Guide located at landing andthe Linden Lab Term of Service and SL Community Standards

Sandbox is dedicated to any project related to the many levels of The Arts. Any commercial, promotional or inappropriate objects will be returned. The sky is available for miscelanious rezzing.


No selling, advertising, gambling, combat

Maturity Rating: Moderate

Suggestion Box Available

You must Join SLEA Art Sandbox to have Rez Rights and use scripts.

All items in the SLEA Art Sandbox will be returned on Fridays @ 12PM SLT

4 Levels of building

1. Surface hills and water at the ground level.

2. Basic build platform located at 100 meters.

3. Builders grid tools and platform located at 1500 meters

4. Sky (feel free to rez a platform)

Revised 8/9/2
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