Bridge Project

bridge (verb):  "To make athe difference or division between two things smaller or less severe."    

Our Bridge is dedicated to connecting the visitor to the hundreds of diverse art venues in SL. We invite you to walk the SLEA Bridges, enjoy the views and discover new art venues in SL.

Bridges are to be crossed finding a way forward. Bridges connect. Bridges make navigation easier. The SLEA Bridge Project aspires to shorten the distance between YOU and and a multitude of immersive arts experience in SL.

As a bridge between the SLEA and the multitude of painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, performers, photographers, television and radio presenters, conceptual artists and so many more we envision a collective space promoting the many diverse art venues available in SL.

Art Connect
Akipelago Art Galleries
Anders & Moora Gallery
Angels Rest Performance and Art Collective
Art of Millie Sharple
Art by Kraven Klees
ArtCare Gallery
Artfully Yours
Art of Being Gallery
Art Gallery of Accidental Entanglement
Artists United Gallery
Artists Village Aruba DeCuir Fine Art
Atlantis Rose Sculpture Garden & Lounge
Atredes Galleria Atrium
Avalon Town Arts Community

BLUE ORANGE Blue Rose Gallery
Bryn Oh Immersivia
Burning Man Virtual Regional Butterfly Gallery

Carmel Art Community Creative Spark Collective
Clocktree Park and Reading Room
Corcosmia Gallery
Covenstead Art Gallery
The Culzean Theatre on Idle Rogue Curei’s Floating Gallery

DagazArt Art Atelier Gallery DAGallery (Digital Arts Gallery
Dance Queens
The Dark Wood Gallery
Debauche – The Stage
Delin Dance Troupe
The Dirty Grind
Dixmix Gallery

The EDGE Art Gallery Elven Falls Art Collective
Eulennest Art Gallery
The Eye Art Gallery

Fiona Fei – ShuiMo Art Spac
Focus Art Galleries
Focus Magazine
Fractal Insanity The Art of Milly Sharpl

The Galleries
Gallery AI GalleryOne
Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery
360 Gradi Magazine

Hannington Arts Foundation
Hole in My INventory
Hoot Suite Art Gallery
Hyperborea Art Gallery

I am A Camera The Imaginarium,,,just Imagine Art Installation & Scribblings
Immersivia with Cica Ghost Inspiration Island Galleries ISHY
Itakos Art Gallery

Jaelle Faerye Jamison Arts The Janus Gallery
Journey Academy of Performing Arts
The Jennifer Steele Gallery
The Jewell Theater

Kayly Iali Fine Art Kii’Wik Sanctuary Gallery
The Kondor Art Center KRAX Kirax
Kultivate Magazine & Windlight Art Gallery

La Maison d’Anelli
Limoncello Gallery Nanga & Sirinial
Linden Gallery of Resident Art
Lawst Paradise Art Gallery
Love & Love Art Gallery
L2 Studio & LHOOQ Gallery
The Lost Unicorn Gallery
Lundy Art Gallery

Mandel Solanos WORKSHOP Museum For Art – Bellisaria
MetaHarpers Immersive Theater
Milkwood Writing Community
Misfit Dance and Performance Art
Moya Island & Galleries
Multi Media Arts Center “The MMAC”
Monarchs Elite Performance Troupe

Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Odyssey Artist Community
100 Word Stories Once Again Art Gallery

Peace Is A Choice Gallery
Perfect Harmony Art Gallery
Pixtoria Galleries
Phoenix Artist Collaboration Port Emyniad Galleries
Photos by Nillia
Pixel Ballet

Raging Graphix Gallery
Rainbow Painters Art Gallery
Regimade Light Gallery
Rez Magazine
Ribong Gallery
Rill’Arts Gallery
RIPA The River Island Performing Arts & Theatre
The Rose Theatre
Royal Opera Garnier
Rubens Art Gallery

Seanchai Library ShuiMo Ink Brush Installation
Seaside Gallery
Second Life Book Club Island
Selen’s Gallery
The Sim Quarterly
Sina Souza Mind Factory
Sisi Biedermann Gallery
Solo Arte by Terry Gold
SOOSH Art Gallery
Spirit LIght Dance Company StrangeLands Studios

Tart Gallery Thanatophobia Theatre on The Hill
Third Eye
TJ’s Khemenn Art Studio/Lab/Gallery/Experience
A Touch of France Fine Art Gallery Hub Twisted Gallery


VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery Vida Dulce Photography Studio
Ville de Coeur Performing Arts Center Virtual Abilities Gallery
Virtual Community Radio
Virtuoso Fountain Theatre
Vision of Beauty Art Complex
Voir Gallery
The Vordun Museum and Gallery

Wonderland Art Galleries


Yan Lauria~History of Art from the Beginning of Time
Yobe Gallery

ZackHerrMann Universum Zia Branner

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