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This is YOUR SLEA!

An A-Z for how to become involved APPLY for a July grant – details coming soon. BEQUEATH an original work of your art and add it to a Region 7 circle. CONNECT your arts venue, group, magazine etc. to the SLEA Bridge Project. DISCUSS …… we have several spaces where you could lead your ownContinue reading “This is YOUR SLEA!”

About SLEA ~Who,What, Where, Why~

Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA) is in partnership with Linden Lab (LL) who has generously provided grid space for the creative advancement of virtual Arts in Second Life (SL). A fresh LL endowment genesis is evident in the futuristic, eco-friendly and artfully designed Main Landing Region7, which serves as a nucleus for theContinue reading “About SLEA ~Who,What, Where, Why~”

SLEA Sets the Stage with New Performing Arts Center

The new year arrives like a blank canvas with all the promise of the months ahead. The celebratory d├ęcor, fireworks, confetti, particles, party dresses, and bow ties have now disappeared back into the black hole of our inventory folders. The next trip around the sun is underway for our shared virtual world and the SecondContinue reading “SLEA Sets the Stage with New Performing Arts Center”