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Big Newz from Tansee!

Dear Friends, As many of you know, my priority for Second Life Endowment for The Arts has always been to build a solid, organized foundation and then step back into a quiet role as an advisor. It is with great pride that I announce to you the time has finally arrived! It is my pleasure to announce your new SLEA Coordinator – Regi Yifu. Regi has been an active SLEA core volunteer, manager, and Liaison since October of 2020 when this project first began. If you do not already know him, he is a multi-talented RL graphic artist and author. In Second Life he is a self-described gregarious bohemian, a well-known DJ, designer, builder, artist, owner of long time in-world and MP store, Regimade and generous “gift giver”….

SLEA Coordinator – Regi Yifu

(Core SLEA Volunteer Since September 2020)

Regi will be surrounded by an experienced, long-time team that are also a part of the original creators of Second LIfe Endowment for The Arts.

Your Support Liaison Team

SLEA Liaison Wizardoz Chrome is an active core volunteer member since September of 2020. She is also the Curator of SLEA Machinima.Land

SLEA Liaison Plumqueen is an active core volunteer member since September of 2020. She is also the SLEA Curator of Instagram and Flickr.

SLEA Liaison Dee Lisdun has been involved with SLEA wearing many hats since February of 2021 and is the Curator of 360°ARTWalk.

SLEA Liaison David Varro has been volunteering over a year now utilizing his RL art skills.

SLEA Liaison Shuggah Stupor came to SLEA almost 2 years ago as a 3D art exhibitor and later Grant Artist. Shugg is also the Curator of our 4 new, 2D only, SLEA SKY GALLERIES.

SLEA Coordinator and Liaisons are available to assist Grant Artists and visitors. To contact visit the online status boards at our all new, public SLEA Offices located at the top of SLEA Bridge. _^..^_ (look for the Giant Cat) All are welcome.

…Thank you all for supporting me as your first Second Life Endowment for The Arts Coordinator and allowing me to share my RL business, management and design skills in building a solid foundation in which this project, supported by Linden Lab, will continue to successfully progress with the great guidance of the new coordinator Regi, his team of Liaisons and all the many additional volunteers involved in special projects at SLEA. It has been an honor to work with all the artists around the globe. ~ Love ~ Art ~ Peace Respectfully Yours ~ Tansee


Vocaloids at SLEA MusicLAB Lazy Sunday Show

Konnichiwaa! A VOCALOID “vocalist”, “character”, or “mascot” (unofficial terminology) refers heavily to an illustrated character of a VOCALOID™-powered voice bank, although a product name or miscellaneous representation (like an avatar) can be included.

From a technical point of view, Vocaloid (ボーカロイド, Bōkaroido) is a singing voice synthesizer software product. Its signal processing part was developed through a joint research project led by Kenmochi Hideki at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain, in 2000 and was not originally intended to be a full commercial project. Backed by the Yamaha Corporation, it developed the software into the commercial product “Vocaloid” that was released in 2004.

From a creative point of view, this technology has allowed the birth of real celebrities as Hatsune Miku, which has been producing music and amazing live shows with enormous success for years, to the point that recently a fan of hers wanted to marry her even though she is a hologram.

Hatsune Miku and friends

When i say unbelievable success, i’m not kidding: her song World is Mine has entered the worldwide top 10 of the most downloaded singles on iTunes since its first week on sale.

Miku al David Letterman show

Obviously Hatsune and his family also have admirers in Second Life, avatar replicas of holograms. Isn’t that a beautiful short circuit?

A whole sim dedicated to vocaloid, Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid World, spread this passion which is expressed in wild concerts. You can find video, pitcures and infos at dedicated site SL Anime Stars.

I am therefore very happy that a date of their worldwide (virtual) tour is hosted by MusicLAB, an honor. Thank you!

Join us Sunday Aug. 14 9AM (SLT) at

WoodCrest Performing Arts Special Exhibit and Show ‘FLOURISH’ at SLEA

Follow the gallery exhibit to theater entrance.

We invite you to a unique exhibit showing for 5 days only through Saturday August 13. ‘Flourish’ is both an art installation created as a precursor to a fantastic show to presented by our friends at WCPA.

Woodcrest University is an urban RP (roleplay) community found in the London Docks and Woodcrest sims in Second Life. The university and town are both fictional. However, we strive to emulate a “real world” setting in contemporary North Carolina. WoodCrest University is one of the oldest Role Play universities in Second Life.

The students and teachers of the Performing Arts class in the university have for over 3 years been teaching how to design, create and stage dance in Second Life and putting on around 3 shows a year at the university.
Lead by instructors Red Woods and Leninah Starlight the class has started to forge a relationship with SLEA and the ‘Flourish’ show is the second collaboration following on from the event at the ‘Crystal Carnival’ last year.

Based on the concept outlined above, added especially for the SLEA show there is the ‘Flourish Gallery’ which contains representations of each of the 11 pieces of inspirational art from which the show is derived. Each piece in the gallery has an info point where you can see and learn about the inspiration. Then at the show itself you can see for yoruself what that choreographer saw and did with the inspiration the art provided when it flourishes into a fully stage produced dance routine with music, set and dance.

The descriptions around the Gallery, which you can see by clicking the plaque on each log by the info point are as follows:

Piece: Queen By Segred “Red” Woods
Inspiring artwork: A painting of Queen Elizabeth I
She was innovative for her time and she didn’t bow to the will of others despite being a woman
Music: Queen by Todrick Hall
Piece: Starry Night by Enigma
Inspiring artwork: The famous van Gough painting ‘The Starry Night’
The materpiece brought to the stage along with Don McLean’s sound track to add the element of inspired dance and movement to this classic.
Music by Don McLean
Piece: Gaia by Tiffany
Inspiring artwork: The image of Gaia, mother earth
A sea of natural wonders and experiences await in this number. One to appeal to your naturalist side (naturalist not naturist keep your clothes on please !)
Music ‘Earth’ by Taimane
Piece: Puttin on the Ritz by Minky
Inspiring artwork: An old photograph of a time and style
A materialization of the memory that really takes you there!
Music by Taco
Piece: Fix You by Rain
Inspiring artwork: A sad picture of a broken robot
This image resulted in a most beautiful, touching creation of what that broken robot might feel, need, be.
Music by Music by Fearless Soul, cover of ColdPlay ‘Fix You’
Piece: Dancing in the Dark by Andi
Inspiring artwork: Dark Dancing
One of two pieces by Andi in this show that bring to life an image
Music by Cannons
Piece: It Will Rain by Bunny
Inspiring artwork: A romantic sketch of a couple and an umbrella
So many things can come from that, in this case a beautiful match of song, set and dance. Watch out for the secret stars, the ducks ! 😛
Music by Bruno Mars & The Notebook
Piece: Sunflower by RoBear
Inspiring artwork: A Sunflower
A spiritual look at the beauty of nature
Music by Robear
Piece: neon Lights by Andi
Inspiring artwork: An asbstract neon line drawing
Straight sharp lines re-invisioned as smooth movement and a new symmetry in the second piece from Andi for this show.
Music by Demi Lovato
Piece: Sound Embrace By Segred “Red” Woods
Inspiring artwork: A Thousand Wings and Sound Embrace painted and written by LikaCameo
The painting captured my imagination on sight. The words inspired me to pull you into the sea of my mind where nothing but sound makes sense
Music: Compilation of short pieces from the anime movie Koe No Katachi
Piece: Sforzarsi by Leninah
Inspiring artwork: The classic poem ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley
This poem with its dark overtones yet soul defining inspiration, prompted a three-movement piece depicting the life cycles of birth, life and death and the struggles we all face.
Sforzarsi is Italian for ‘To strive’
Music by Movement:
A New Beginning – Alexadre Desplat
Shooting Stars – Owl City
Dust in the Wind – Damned Anthem

This show will be utilizing our lag free performance platform named SLEA Space designed by Mandel Solano at the intersection of 3 regions. As always it is available for particle and light shows as well as large scale performances. For more information visit or SLEA INFO Center accessible through our Main Landing on Region 7 or direct TP.

Performance – Saturday August 13 @ 10AM SLT