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SLEA Blog Curator: Belle

I’m pleased to introduce Belle (Jezyabelle Resident) as SLEA’s new blog curator. Belle joined the volunteer team early in its inception, and has contributed regular interviews with artists and members of the volunteer team. During that time she took the time to learn about studio photography to create some of the most iconic images onContinue reading “SLEA Blog Curator: Belle”


The second of our guest features, artist Marea2007 Praga celebrates her forthcoming grant award with an educational article relating to her long interest in the art movement, Surrealism. Uno dei punti cardine del Surrealismo di Breton è il concetto di liberazione da ogni vincolo, limite, etichetta e canone artistico ed il mondo da cui meglioContinue reading “L’IDEA SURREALISTA NELLA SCULTURA VIRTUALE (MAREA2007 PRAGA)”

Public Community Report: March 2021

If you would like a chance to present your art at SLEA, now is the time to start putting your ideas together. We offer full and quarter region spaces to successful recipients of a grant award. Second Life Endowment for the Arts has been approved by Linden Lab to proceed with Launch 2. What isContinue reading “Public Community Report: March 2021”