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SLEA Launch 2 Announcement!

On March 22nd The SLEA Liaison Team (Safar Fiertze, Regi Yifu, Dawny Daviau, Eupalinos Ugajin and Tansee) met with Brett Linden and Patch Linden at the Performing Arts Center to report the progress of SLEA and to confirm the possibility of a Launch 2. We are pleased to announce the approval of Launch 2, whichContinue reading “SLEA Launch 2 Announcement!”

Bioacoustics Museolab

With art experience in multiple virtual worlds, including our very own Second Life, Pearl Hyacinth (pearlhyacinth) has brought to SLEA the exhibit Bioacoustics Museolab. Located on Region 6, the outline of Bioacoustics is located on the wall upon landing. The exhibit is broken down to 4 Stages. Building, adding content, performances, and lastly a presentation.Continue reading “Bioacoustics Museolab”

The 7 Dimensions

Tiggy T. Omega (tigerlola) has been apart of the performance dance scene within Second Life for quite some time now. Over the course of her time spent performing in second life, a significant amount of time is spent creating the set for the performances. As a grant artist for SLEA, Tiggy created a three sceneContinue reading “The 7 Dimensions”