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Welcome to all our new Launch 4 Grant Artists who have been eagerly creating their unique art especially for you since July 1, 2022. The grant artists from all over the globe, will either allow visitors access to view the building process while creating or keep the area closed until completion. This will be indicated at SLEA Main Region7 main landing dome. As you can see by the following descriptions below there is some very unique art to look forward to. The circular main SLEA landing area has a surround TP station with direct access to all grant regions as well as all of our permanent projects. All opening events will be announced in SLEA Group.


All Grant Artists Regions and more are accessible from Main Region 7 Teleport HUB

Region 1NE ‘El Universo en una gota de aqua”

By Guille (antoranta) and his team of artists. Can you see the universe in a drop of water? Come immerse yourself in this fascinating and wonderful world of water drops, from a general knowledge in which art and science form a whole through 3D models made of mesh and images incorporated from the real world through microscopic photography using a wide variety of microphotographic techniques. Interact with almost all the displayed elements through some scripts that provide information or others that animate the displayed elements. On the other hand, all these organisms that we intend to show in our sim tell us about the quality of the water and the health of our planet. For this reason, apart from the aesthetic, recreational, scientific or didactic considerations, we believe that it is necessary to become aware through from different channels about the importance of maintaining and conserving the waters of our beautiful planet in good condition, and SL opens up wonderful possibilities to do so with simple tools.

Region 1NW – ’21 Abysses Evasion’

By Duhsein and his team of artists Duhsein and team brings you a curatorial project dedicated to exploring the possibilities that Second Life offers for artistic practices, based on the philosophical concept of “evasion”, which invites us to move away from reality to shake and unleash our creative freedoms.
The act of distancing ourselves from the tangible world drags us into an abyss of uncertainty, where we wonder about the aesthetic form of a moldable virtual world, the creative production of bodies and identities, and the human interactions that are possible through an interface open to playability and modification.
The project aims to showcase the visual and interactive creative process between residents of SL and artists that are new to the platform, contrasting the difference in interpretations and considerations of evasion and uncertainty.

Region 1SE – ‘Bringing RL Paintings to 3D in SL’

By AmandaT Tamatzui ~~~

By AmandaT Tamatzui ~~~After a 5-year absence from SL, Amanda returns ready to share her RL art. She will be bringing a Wonderland of scenes from her RL art paintings, turning 2D into 3D in our SL world.
Each section on the sim will reflect back to the paintings, like butterflies, long striped stockings, Stacks of books, a grand piano, faces looking at the scenes from another dimension… Roses floating in the air as well as cute clouds.
Her Detour series with symbols of a colourful fantasy road, will become a place for you to drive, walk and ride on as you discover her fun colourful world created just for you to enjoy.


By Zaphod Pontoppidan ~~~ The vision for this project is to create a large museum like space to display a collection of sculptures and 2D art pieces, with a large open area for DJ’s and performance artists. The concept is Imagination, and the art will explore and discuss the role of the imagination in nature, society, art and science. His work will include elements of water, stone and nature, rigged and static.

Region 2 –Temple of the Divine Feminine

By Kisma Reidling (kismaksr) ~~~ Kisma will be creating the Seven Archetypes of the Divine Feminine centers, where a woman can dive into the essence of the Archetype. Visual paintings and interactive processes: dance, music, oracles, transformation of image. Divine feminine videos and talks. Author readings and creative workshops. Poetry and guided inquiry into the deepness of Woman Soul. Red Thread Circles, full moon celebration and the day of the Goddess.

Region 3 – ‘The Collectress’

By Tyrehl Byk ~~~ Do you like the hunt? Do you mind a mild puzzle or two, or even a maze? Do you find particles fun? The Collectress is as much an inventor and manipulator of the weather and sounds, as she is an accumulator of art and objects uniquely available in Virtual Spaces. Her home is a virtual jungle of these ideas, visions, and efforts both on land and sky. If, while visiting her land, you are thoughtfully persistent in demeanor, and cultivate patience and quietude in your mind, you may collect a few virtual treasures of your own. It is equally possible that you could quite easily go mad!

Region 4SW – ‘Art is Love’

By Myra Wildmist ~~~ Visit the beautiful sculpture garden with small installations exploring various aspects of love. The area will be landscaped with benches for the visitors to quietly sit and be immersed in Art and Love. Be sure to enable shared environment.

Region 4E – ‘Nobody But Me

By Marcel Mosswood ~~~ This is a never-before-seen art installation about dugong conservation created underwater which includes an original story written by Marcel. The broad spectrum of digital creations will be for art connoisseurs, educators and researchers.

Region 6 – ‘Evil Under the Sun’

By Caledonia Skytower and Team ~~~ This installation will involve a full-region reconstruction of the coast of Devon where Detective Hercule Poirot is taking a vacation at a secluded hotel. All the pertinent locations to the advancement of the plot will be present in this full region creation. A six week reading series will be presented August – mid-September, presenting Christie’s 1941 novel, live by a team of readers. Either walking and/or interactive guides will be part of the build, so that guests may follow in the footsteps of the various key players as the mystery (and inevitably the murder) unfolds. The readings will take place with audience members and readers intermingled as if they were all guests at the lonely Devon hotel.

Region 8 ‘A symbiotic love affair – art is everywhere’

By Adwehe and Collaborating Artists Using the full scale possibilities of the sim we will create structures, rooms, theater like stages and buildings from very large perspectives dominating the entire view to small and intimate focused spaces, playing with the themes; ‘intersections’ , ‘interventions’, ‘in between’ , ‘anything goes’ and from beginnings of possible real-world objects to autonomous art machines. We will explore virtual travel and perception of spaces by means of postmodernist, existential and objective constructive minimalist approaches along with theatrical stage building and painting with prims as a concept. Dance, light, sound and music, moods and atmosphere, interaction, architecture, symmetry, order and chaos, movement and immersivity are keywords.

Launch 4 runs from July 1, through December 31, 2022

Watch the SLEA blog or inworld group notices to announce each opening event.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about Second Life Endowment for The Arts Grant process, please visit our new Information and Office area atop the SLEA Bridges.

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