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New Musical Toys at MusicLAB!

One of the fundamental missions of SLEA MusicLAB is to make music creation simple for everyone.

So I discovered with particular enthusiasm these tools, created by Google, called Chrome Music Lab. It seems that we musicians don’t have much creativity with names, but patience.

Tools included in the experience are many. and they can be used as a tool in classrooms to explore music and explore its connections to science, math, art, and more. They’ve been combining it with dance and live instruments. Here’s a collection of some uses found on Twitter.

But also just for fun, they are simple to use and well made. A great opportunity also for our MusicLAB.

I prepared a MOAP panel with all the tools, and a TV where some tutorial can be seen.

They are located at:, inside the school.

The new musical toys at MusicLAB

But be careful, they are really engaging 🙂

If you like to play on web, the site URL is:

The Lab

Do not be shy about using them in Second Life, they are scripts and therefore only you can see (more well, ear) what you are doing.

Have fun making music!


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