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SLEA to Unveil 4 All New 2D Galleries Opening July 3. 2022

Second Life Endowment for The Arts opened January 1, 2021 and as many new projects unfold, SLEA has been finding its own “sea legs” and special niche amidst all of the existing SL Art Communities. The original proposal for the overall SLEA project back in 2020 included 2D representation but with the numerous, already established, successful 2D art galleries in existence along with the birth of many new galleries, SLEA made a conscious decision to go slow and deliberate concentrating more on 3D and fine tuning. It is now time to announce the Grand Opening of SLEA all new 2D “SKY GALLERIES”.

Second Life Endowment for The Arts ~ SKY GALLERIES Curator Shuggah Stupor

Along with this exciting news we are even more excited to introduce and welcome RL & SL artist Shuggah Stupor (SouieXside) who has graciously accepted the role of Curator. Shug comes to us as a former LEA grant recipient and utilizes all the creative, artistic tools offered by SL and proudly creates 99% original 2D and 3D art inworld mindfully choosing to keep his RL art in RL. He is a professional self-supported RL artist with varied interests including, but not limited to, photography, painting and writing. We are proud to have him included in our grand opening exhibits along with Aruba DeCuir, JudiLynn India, and Millie Sharple.

The SLEA 2D SKY GALLERIES are original mesh builds made by volunteer and longtime SL artist 3Dee (Mellydee MacFanatic) and offers 4 spacious circular futuristic space domes that can be transformed to accommodate your style of art utilizing 200 prim or LI allotment. Prototypes of our galleries with existing frames are also made available for use. Of course, there is a beautiful sky view if you wish. Each exhibit gallery is offered free of charge for a 2-month exhibit duration. If you are interested in the Fall Artists Exhibit, contact our Curator Shug for more details.

ARUBA DECUIR – “artpreciation”

A selection of 15 years of ART in SL – mostly newer works. I expect to have 4 – 8 new works ready.

JUDILYNN INDIA – “Secrets and Psychic Skies”

This exhibit presents two current series of works illustrating conditions of the human psyche and behavior by way of abstract visualization.

SHUGGAH STUPOR – “Dominique”

His name is Dominique. He is a muse. Masculine beauty/ nudes.

MILLY SHARPLE – “Fractals as Art”

A collection of original and unadulterated Apophysis fractals and fractal abstractions made from them. This installation holds a set of some of my pure Apophysis fractals as well as some fractal abstractions I have made from them.

Grand Opening Event Sunday July 3, 11:30am SLT with music provided by DJ NICKOLAS PATRONO

Location & TP To Be Announced Sunday Morning


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