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Launch 4 Grant Applications Now Open – Closing May 1, 2022

How To Apply for a SLEA Grant

Second Life Endowment for The Arts is pleased to announce the opening of our Launch 4 Grant Applications. This opportunity is in partnership with Linden Lab to foster the Arts in Second Life and is open to all skill levels of artists to learn, share and exhibit art that has been created by the artists using the tools of Second Life. (Art may be created by the artist and imported into SL)

Launch 4 begins July 1, 2022 and ends December 31, 2022

The duration of every SLEA Launch is always 6 months, January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31. As indicated, there are two Launches per year. The artist may choose the length of time they feel will be needed to complete the grant effectively. As an EXAMPLE, DigitalArtist has been working on their detailed concept, is very well organized and uses rez boxes. They only need 3 months to show their art but require a full region. SLArtLover is new to SL art and would like to learn therefore is requesting a 6-month grant. ResidentRuth has a specific idea that does not need and entire region and is applying for a 1/4 region, 2 months grant. WildArtFlower would like to test out some artful ideas but is not ready to work with a full region and is applying for a micro or incubator grant . SLEA offers this flexibility to accommodate the many styles and needs of artists.

SLEA is based on a curative process,,,,,,,

SLEA is based on a curative process which enables all artists the opportunity for a grant under some capacity. In the event specific grant requests by the artist (due to the number of participants) cannot be guaranteed, an alternative will always be presented. An EXAMPLE of this would be that DigitalArtist sent in an application for a full region 6-month grant. Due to the number of applicants this particular Launch, DigitalArtist was offered some alternatives of a 4-month full region grant or the possibility of waiting until the next Launch. The curating process allows for many different possibilities and has been successful. We always are open to feedback on this process and improving opportunities at SLEA.

Now offering flexible time frames,,,,,,,

We are now offering flexible time frames of 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months or 6-month Artist Grants. Please carefully choose the length of time it will take you to complete your installation.
You MUST have the installation completed 1/2 way through your chosen time frame or we will pass it on to waiting artists. Example a Full Region, 3-month grant beginning January (February, March) must be completed by mid-February.
We realize RL circumstances can happen at any time. PLEASE commit to the best of your ability to follow through as we have a long list of willing artists.
We ask that you have a minimum of one organized special event. Example: Soft Opening, Grand Opening, Guest Musical Events, Performance, Activity, Class etc.
We cannot guarantee your full requests but will curate to the best of our ability and keep you informed.

For efficiency purposes please,,,,,,,

  • Copy and paste the 18 points below to an inworld SL notecard and submit no later than May 1, 2022. For the curative process please include the numbered list with your response under each numbered item.
  • Please use this title format of your notecard to ensure timely delivery as follows (Your Name that you currently prefer to use) SLEA L4 Grant Application (date sent) EXAMPLE DigitalArtist SLEA L4 Grant Application (date sent)
  • If you have any questions, please contact Tansee or Regi Yifu


  1. SL legacy name, display name and calling card.
  2. Choose ONE: Full Region 20,000LI — 1/2 Region 10,000LI — 1/4 Region 5000LI — or Micro (Incubator) Grant LI usage variable according to location and availability. LI indicates land impact and varies when using mesh whereas a single prim = 1LI always.
  3. Confirm the approximate number of LI (land impact or prims) you are requesting.
  4. Choose the length of time preference for your Grant: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – or 6 months.
  5. Title of your installation MUST be submitted (Can be updated or changed in future).
  6. Poster of your installation MUST be submitted (Can be updated or changed in future).
  7. Write a detailed description of your concept using words, textures, sketches, plans etc.
  8. Is this a new build or a redo?
  9. Have you received a past LEA or SLEA Grant?
  10. Will you create underwater, ground, sky or all of the above?
  11. Is this a solo, duo or group art installation?
  12. Are you a new artist requiring assistance or a seasoned pro?
  13. Would you like to utilize our SLEA Mentor Program?
  14. How familiar are you with all the SLEA regions?
  15. Why would you like to receive a SLEA Artist Grant?
  16. Are you prepared to commit to the completion of this art installation along with 1 event?
  17. Do you agree to Linden Lab TOS, SLEA Moderate guidelines and SLEA requests?
  18. Your Email address to ensure contact efficiency. (Recommended but not required)
FULL REGION20,000 LI (Land Impact) Equivalent to Mesh or Prim Usage
1/2 REGION10,000 LI (Land Impact) Equivalent to Mesh or Prim Usage
1/4 REGION5,000 LI (Land Impact) Equivalent to Mesh or Prim Usage
MICRO GRANT (INCUBATOR)Prim or LI usage depends on availability and location
(Up to 1000 may be available)

Additional SLEA Opportunities Available…….

Second Life Endowment for The Arts offers numerous opportunities to all skill level artists.

  • We display 3D art every 2 months at our 360°ARTWalk ~ Contact us to sign up!
  • Visit our region wide SLEA ART Sandbox
  • SLEA MusicLAB offers music opportunities
  • Linden Center for The Arts is available for performances, concerts, meetings etc.
  • Free promotions to established art venues at our SLEA Bridge Project
  • Inquire about our 3 region particle performance level ‘SLEA Space’
  • Have an artful idea? Please Contact Tansee for all the curative possibilities

Thank You! We are looking forward to seeing your art! Upon receipt of your application, we will personally contact you to confirm we have received it and give you a timeline of the process and further details.


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