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Join In the Winter Fun at SLEA ~ Create a 3D SNOW or ICE Sculpture or 2D Photo for the January 2022 Anniversary Event

Hello, All Skill Level Artists in SL! You are invited to have some fun and be a part of SLEA’s Second Annual Celebration of The Arts , by creating an original snow or ice sculpture to be featured at our “Crystal Carnival”. To get started come to SLEA Art Sandbox and find a snow square to build inside. Guidelines are 50 (ish) LI or prim with a reasonable height limit. Lights and particles, if used, must be contained withing the snow square. Depending on how many submissions LI could increase for each artist.

Your snow or ice sculpture will be showcased at our Crystal Carnival at the end of January 2022 through February taking place on Bridge Regions 9 & 10 at Second Life Endowment for The Arts and open to all of SL to view. Your work will also have a kiosk to promote any of your other art endeavors or give gifts.

Photo by Luca Chiandoni

Would you like to be one of the designers, contributors or organizers? Contact Tansee or Regi

Let’s Celebrate The Arts, Friendship and Fun in Second Life. Touch To Join SLEA



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