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Second Life Endowment for The Arts

We Welcome Harry Cover and his exhibit ‘Mona Lisa – Mona SLisa’ to our 360°ARTWalk. Tour and be sure to click on the notecard story all about Mona. After a break from SL Harry is back creating art! WB!

We Welcome Tintin our new ‘SLEA Taverner’! Watch for the next upcoming blog for more details about this exciting very interactive new project for everyone at Main Region 7!

We Welcome Regi Yifu as our new SLEA ART Sandbox Curator.

We are currently looking for Art & Artist Bloggers! Contact Tansee !

2D is making it’s way to SLEA – ‘Metsovaara’ & ‘Forbidden Metaverse’ side by side at our main R7. Watch for upcoming news about 2D art at SLEA.

SLEA would like to hear your ideas for upcoming Region Grants. Contact Tansee, Regi Yifu, Wizardoz Chrome or Pife Merlin.

SLEA MusicLAB Summer Festival continues to bring a brilliant array of musical talents to Region 2. Time slots still available for musicians and musical engineers. To participate or for more information contact Livio Korobase. Festival runs through September 30.

SLEA offers many opportunities to all artists in Second Life at no cost through the generosity of Linden Lab. If you would like a space to share your art or your art idea whether it be large or small please contact us for availability of prims, space and timeframe.


Contact Tansee

Published by Tansee

Happy to be the coordinator of Second Life Endowment for The Arts and blogger Wanna-Be.

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