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Lost At Sea

Photo by Pife Merlin

An innovative, immersive project has come to the main region of SLEA located on the outer circle of Region 7. This complete sound experience installation is the creation of Aborigin aka Tintin a well known SL resident and proprietor of a bar located amidst the Campell Coast Artist Community. Grand Opening:

SUNDAY AUGUST 8 – WITH MUSICAL SOUNDS BY BSKUMET STORMCROW 12pm – 2pm Come dressed to weather the elements and test your survival skills.

Before we set the stage for this experience Tintin has given some specific instructions to properly take full advantage of his work. Instructions are as follows:

  • turn OFF/ move back the sliders of MUSIC as well as MEDIA channels (top menu all the way to the right hand side of your screen)
  • turn ON/move forward the slider of SOUND (in the same menu)
  • you might need to turn up the volume of your speakers or computer all the way to hear all the sounds incorporated
  • right-click on the Life Raft in the middle of the scene and select ‘Sit Here’ in the drop down-menu
  • sit back and enjoy the elements in the middle of a storm at sea for as long as you like:)
  • Mouselook: press ‘m’ on your keyboard to go into mouselook (unless you get dizzy), press ‘m’ again to abort mouselook
  • WARNING: Some people fall asleep;)
  • for you role players out there, the raft holds a life jacket, first aid kit and a flare gun, and at the entrance you will find a throwaway life buoy as well as some rescue animations;)

Lost At Sea by Tintin

Imagine sailing your ship across the sunny protected waters of Second Life, the wind playing through your hair, your skin slightly sunburned, feeling the joy of matching your skills against nature.

You are standing at the helm, steering towards the nearest harbor, watching the sun sinking into the sea at the end of a lovely day of sparkling waters.

Suddenly you hear the vague sound of rumbling thunder in the distance……..Dark clouds gather behind you and you notice the wind strongly gripping into your sails pulling them tight.

You know you are still quite a long way from the safety of the land before the storm will hit you, and you start to realize your ship isn’t exactly build to withstand all that much turmoil.

The waves around you quickly rise higher and higher, until they tower above you, tossing and turning your ship out of control.

The water sweeps over the deck and you struggle to hold on to the helm, but you are no match against the force of the ocean and it slips from your hands.

The ropes holding the sail pull free and it sweeps far overboard, capsizing the ship, allowing the seawater to rush in, pulling you along over the now almost vertical deck.

Your hands find the railing and you cling to it, groping around for the nearby life raft, fingers frantically working to liberate it.

Photo by Tintin

Lucky for you it inflates immediately, and saves you from being sucked down into the cold ocean by the sinking ship.

As you see the tip of the mast disappear into the roaring waters, you start to realize you are all alone, at the mercy of the elements, far away from any chance of rescue.

Darkness surrounds you, and the once so enjoyable water has become a menacing, growling monster, far too powerful for you to even remotely withstand…..

Come help search for Tintin Sunday August 8 – 12pm

Artist BIO & Words from the artist,,,,,

In real life I am not a sound technician, my skills are: scenario writing, theater making, various forms of design and I have a hard earned degree in Master Painting (craft).

The latter feeds my desire to create optical illusions and the effects it has on the brain, as well as a strife for realism in my work.

When I first came to Second Life fifteen years ago, I naturally started making environments, as realistic as possible at the time, and learned the skills needed to realize my goals.

As I explored the grid and in my own work I soon got frustrated with the lack of the use of sound effects in Second Life (as well as in computer games, btw).

So I learned how to make sound clips and added and added and added to my buildings and forests and fields and water areas, and many people complimented me on the extra value it yielded to the environment in its totality.

Most lands have waves, a seagull, some birds and maybe a beer bottle popping, but that’s usually it, if at all, even though some pretty cool sound clips and loops can be found in the shops these days, if you don’t want to make those yourself.

Sound appeals to one of our senses, our hearing, which is connected to our brain and influences how we feel and perceive our surroundings, and that goes for being in this virtual world as well.

Incorporating a large variety of sound therefor makes a land or sim so much more immersive and enjoyable, just like sound does in real life: a singing bird can lift our spirits, the mumbo jumbo of a zombie stands up the hairs on the back of our neck!

Sound can also trigger our curiosity to explore a certain area or activity in a sim, and it can add suspense to a gloomy cave system, for example.

All of these sensations could be incorporated to the Second Life ‘experience’ much more than they are now, in my opinion.

As the Ambient Sound channel is more or less obsolete right now, I think it would be wonderful if that would become available as a separate channel solely for environmental sound effects for us residents to play with inworld, adding an extra sound layer!

Hopefully the programmers at Linden Lab will figure out a way to make that available to us as well someday.

How about a creaking door, the slide of a window being opened, the sound of opening a bag of chips, a rustle in the leaves as you walk down your garden path:)

So I came back to Second Life recently, and I made the ‘Lost at Sea’ installation to inspire you all to use a large variety of sound in your own builds and places, for all of our residents to enjoy this Virtual World even more!

Soon, I will also add some tutorials and tools here to help you get started and of course you can find tons of info on the Forum/WIKI/Knowledgebase/YouTube as well

If you’d rather have a sound project done for you, IM me for my fee;)

Have fun creating and making this world come to Life,

Aborigin Resident

by Rofina Bronet


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