Meet Our Grant Artists Series

Hello art world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Plum here!

I curate the Instagram account for SLEA and will be the contributing blogger for the “Meet Our Grant Artists Series”. Come with me as we get to know each artist through a quick and fun interview!

This is part one of our two part series getting to know our launch 2 grant artists, Enjoy!


Hello Johnas,

Can you give a brief idea of what we can expect to see with ‘Stasis’? What does your work aim to say?

An interactive experience attempting to illustrate frustration, sadness, futility & hope.

How did you develop your aesthetic style?

Experimentation. Trial and error.

How have other artists or art genres influence your sense of aesthetics?

While I’d like to say I draw my aesthetic only from an internal source without regard for what has been done. That would not be true. I do like to try to do that, but the fact is, I am greatly influenced by many artists consciously or otherwise. Some things I know are mine only, my life experiences, imprinted recurring dreams from youth, etc. but how I translate and represent those is heavily influenced by a vast array of art.

Thank you Johnas!

Watch for the opening of ‘Stasis’ at SLEA Region 1

Meet Grant Artist SecondHandTutti

Hello Tutti,

Can you give a brief idea of what we can expect to see with the space that you were awarded at SLEA? What does your work aim to say?

When we lay in a sickbed our mind conjures all kinds of things, especially if we are an artist, we begin to see an ongoing unfoldment of creations. I present to you my vision for consideration:

The visions of mortality. The visions of an artist. The dreams of creation.
A bed that floats in the middle (arrival point) over a body of water (emotions) and surrounding it in all directions are images (predominantly 3d) of the artist dreams: The vision of a city made of clouds that leads into a child’s playground of fantastical animal sculptures that leads into a dark cave containing a hint of monsters that leads into a spring nest of revival that leads into the ocean of summer and LIFE!

A journey of the soul! BUT this is NOT about covid.

I really like this statement in your profile “I can create things whether people like them or not, it doesn’t matter, for it comes from inside me and for those willing or open to knowing me, they will see who I am through my builds, my art.” At what point in your art career did you develop or realize your artistic voice?

I think the artist is born inside us and we live with it and some ages it is allowed to come out and then we hide it and then one day we can no longer deny it because it’s like a little flea nipping at our ankles. I think we hide it because when we are young we are told repeatedly what “art” is and if our creativity doesn’t “look” like that kind of art we discount that we create art. I don’t know if there is a single age I can attribute the freedom of my artistic voice as it’s always been there living, just for me for a long while and then more openly and finally just not caring who saw what I was doing. So maybe in my 20s. I still don’t consider myself an artist, just a woman who is addicted with creativity or obsessed with it. 😀

You have a few blog posts on a journey of the 22 Major Arcana Cards that i enjoyed! How has your Spiritual journey impacted the evolution of your art?

Oh TYVM for reading my blog, wow, you are the first person maybe to have done so! 😀 Your questions is so important because I feel all artists are impacted by their spiritual journey, all the great Masters were and every artist I know in any world is. Not every artist focuses on the soul though and some paint to sale. I create to express my understanding in life, my lessons, my challenges, my successes, my hopes & dreams, and I guess just as an expression of me, who I am. And truly, I don’t create for ANYONE. I’m a very selfish, egocentric creator because it’s all about me. heheheheheh

Thank you Tutti!

Watch for Tuttis opening at SLEA Region 3!

Meet Grant Artist Dragon Angelvs

Hello Dragon!

Can you give a brief idea of what we can expect to see with the space that you were awarded at SLEA? What does your work aim to say?

A surreal vision related to pollution and waste in general, with an eye for decadence and post apocalyptic atmosphere

You have a lot of talents! Videomaker, Photographer, abstract artist, 3d Avi creator and music maker! What genre of art do you use to express your personality the most?

I have a spontaneous emotional flow of my arts, but mostly I express with abstract and surreal digital painting and music

If you were writing a book about your life, what would this chapter be called?

Since the recent world event of pandemic I would call this chapter “act of hope”

Thank you Dragon!

Watch for Dragons opening at SLEA Region 4NW!

Meet Grant Artist Rosabella (Janienz)

Hello Rosabella,
I see that you are an artist in RL and SL. Do the art you create Second LIfe influence your Real Life creations?

Thank you for your question Ms Plum so happy to be part of SLEA in Second Life. The answer for you there would be yes they often do influence what I create in real life and often the other way around as well. Taking an idea from Real Life to Second Life helps me to really make things come alive without restrictions of the real world and I love that.

Can you give a brief idea of what we can expect to see with the space that you were awarded at SLEA? What does your work aim to say?

I have planned for you a few unexpected surprises that will help you to not only feel things but also to tap on other senses you have in different ways. Be ready to be immersed into the works themselves. I guess I would have to say expect the unexpected, giggles.

You are a person with many talents! between photography, Djing landscaping and movie making, is there a element of art that you enjoy working with the most?

Oh why thank you so much. I would have to say it would be landscaping with modifications and small builds to make what I in-visage come to fruition. Within the landscaping is often a mixture of what you might see in 2D visual art from the higher levels of trained Artists. Normally the average person is unlikely to notice some of these if they are not familiar with the reasons behind them.
I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I thank SLEA and all who work hard behind the scenes to make this all happen, so very much for allowing me to take part in this extremely exciting project. Big hugs!

Thank you Rosabella!

Watch for Rosabellas opening at SLEA Region 4SE!

Meet Grant Artist SouixEside

Hello Souix!

How have your life experiences influenced your art?

In every way. I have had to pick up and start over so many times. My art whether in real life or in Second Life is always full of symbolic little trips and journeys.

What does your art reveal about your personality?

I suppose my on going themes seem to come down to change or reinventing. It’s a bit haywire, primitive and colorful.

What makes you laugh the most?

Oh god, I will say physical humor, typical back and forth friend and fam sass and grade school potty humor.

Thank you Souix!

Watch for Souixs opening at SLEA Region 4SW!

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