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SLEA Music Lab

Music is important in our society and life. Often misunderstood and underestimated, or hailed for no understandable reason, but there is and will be forever and ever.
Some people, called musicians, they feel a particular relationship with the sound and vibrations produced by particular tools called musical instruments, and they start produce sounds. At some point these sounds are organized into a form called music, which allows you to communicate your visions and messages to others.
It is not an easy way, every musical instrument has a learning path that can also be long and tiring, seen from the outside. But this lab is not a conservatory, here we are not talking about scores and music theory, for this topics there are specialized schools and courses that will tell you everything about Ionic scales and staves.

There are many musicians of all kinds in second life, and each one has had to face the limits of their knowledge, as well as the artistic ones.
We would like the SLEA Music Lab to become a laboratory where you can share ideas and techniques, where you can find advice on specific problems and where anyone who wants to share their knowledge can do it.

SLEA Music LAB is located at

There are therefore several areas.

Slideshow, for who like to make a presentation or a talk about a a topic that he considers important (for example, how survive to MIDI messages). This sideshows become part of the SLEA Music Lab library, so anyone can use also after the presentation.

Slideshow can be programmed with your presentations and each slideshow is saved in our Library.

Video player with sync. Many materials are shared as video on youtube and other plarforms, so we are equipped with a video player screen with sync option for let all the participants see the same video at the same point.

Video Player have a sync option, so all the vievers can see the video at same point.

Musical instruments. There are some free to use instruments, drum machine and hangdrums. They are live and interactive, make your live jam session free.

Real time programmable drums for your wild jam session.

Library. Near the entrance there are a scaffold with some boxes. Here is where to find notecards, slideshows, material on the topics covered, images and diagrams on topics you have doubts about. What is a DAW? How do I DJ in Second Life? What is MIDI? What are VSTs? and so on.

Hoping to make the shelf full of contents.

Soundbox. In a corner of parcel, there is a free-use space with a simple stage, low lag and high fps for DJs or musicians who want use a free space for play, experiment, learn and study.

For any question or for organize a lesson, public or as material for the library, or to play at an event, contact directly Livio Korobase or Kalica McCallen sending a notecard with clear title, thank you.

Group inworld: SLEA Music Lab

ps: This is a call for all the musicians, music lovers, all the people that create music and soundscapes. We need also visuals creators, tell us if you are interested. But, we don’t search cool guys with cool stickers or cool SL profiles. We love stories. Tell us every kind of beautiful stories, sad or happy, not important. Use your music to express yourself, your mood, your feelings, your colours. Use your heart.


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