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SLEA Music Lab Summer Festival F.A.Q.

This installation is a collaboration of musicians around the world and a group shared space enabling musicians to share and play the music that inspires them. All musicians are welcome and invited to participate. The festival will run through September 30, 2021. The team leader for the project is Livio Korobase who is also creatorContinue reading “SLEA Music Lab Summer Festival F.A.Q.”

The Arts Collaboration With Seanchai Library

An exciting collaboration is coming to SLEA from our friends at Seanchai Library. For those of you who may not have heard about this well respected SL anchor organization, it is one of Second Life’s longest running spoken word programs – dedicated to sharing stories of all kinds through live presentations. Seanchai has been bringingContinue reading “The Arts Collaboration With Seanchai Library”

SLEA Music Lab Project Region 2

This project began its development in spring of 2021. It was the idea of Livio Korobase who is a long time resident of SL with an impressive background in music, art, design along with other creative talents and skills we have seen throughout the years. The project began atop our Earth Shelter above The ArtsContinue reading “SLEA Music Lab Project Region 2”