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SLEA @ SL18B 2021

18 Years of Second Life is indeed the perfect Time to Celebrate! Second Life Endowment for The Arts is excited to make it’s maiden voyage to the “Incredible” region. Incredible is an understatement to describe over 20 regions aesthetically designed and landscaped by the infamous SL moles. Amidst a perfectly balanced overtone of fantasy landscaping the regions come alive with diversity guaranteed to satisfy the design flavor palette of all who visit. It does not take long to realize you are among friends and in a truly happy place. The regions are full of art, creativity, information, shopping, gifts and lots of fun. (Maybe a tiny bit of lag, but embrace it! Or hop on a touring pod that gives info in local chat.)

The SLEA build is not so much a work of art but rather a light hearted informational stage. If you are new to SL18B or a seasoned participant look for our signature “Hand” holding a painters palette that towers over our 32x32m parcel. The palette is loaded with over 100 birthday boxes wrapped in the art venue textures we have collected to date on our SLEA Bridge Project. Our mischievous little wooden model helpers have managed to tip the paint cans used in decorating the boxes causing the palette to spill the precariously stacked gifts into the water below. Oopsy! Uh Oh! We Bad! They can be heard giggling!

  • Note: The theme of this years SL birthday celebration is ‘Hidden Worlds’ thus we have hidden our map of SLEA underwater as well as hiding gifts in random gift boxes. Visitors can purchase the contents of the box for $L0 but must search through them encouraging them to read the art venue logo’s.

Enjoy this wonderful Celebration of Second Life brought to us by Linden Lab.

Photo Credits: Wizardoz Chrome, SLEA Liaison & Machinima.Land Curator

Click Link> to visit Us and SL18B Parcel #53 >>


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