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SLEA @ SL18B 2021

18 Years of Second Life is indeed the perfect Time to Celebrate! Second Life Endowment for The Arts is excited to make it’s maiden voyage to the “Incredible” region. Incredible is an understatement to describe over 20 regions aesthetically designed and landscaped by the infamous SL moles. Amidst a perfectly balanced overtone of fantasy landscapingContinue reading “SLEA @ SL18B 2021”

Announcing Launch 2 Grant Artists

“As coordinator of Second Life Endowment for The Arts I am proud to present our new Launch 2 Grant Artists in no particular order, taking over July 1, 2021. They come from around the world with varying SL ages and virtual artistic expressionism. We received a total of 14 applications. (One artist cancellation.) Using theContinue reading “Announcing Launch 2 Grant Artists”