Trampled Ground Opens at Region 4 SE

Trampled Ground refers to humans walking on Earth. The way their activity changed the environment and how Nature reacted.”

“Live from SLEA Region 4-SE, one can hear a sound, louder and louder, a bit like drumrolls, but not really… No, it is more like a peaceful, empty meadow, progressively filled by a herd of sparkly platypus laughing and… no wait, we can now recognize Serra and Anelime!
They seem very excited, which is because the Trampled Ground project is finally opening on May 1st. Just find your way to the door, and enter the dream part of a whole new world, full of promises, ready to be lived in.
It is said that the opening party will start at 2pm SLT, along with a never ending amount of exploration and things to click. Both hosts will do their best to welcome you and make you feel comfortable and happy for a few hours, and then will hope the build itself keeps you entertained and busy for all the time you need.
And if nothing else works, there will be still gifts and more things to click!
We also got the confirmation that no cucumber has been harmed in the making of the build, which is a relief. Back to the studio!”

Residency at SLEA Region 4, SE May 1-June 30

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