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Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist

At Machinima.Land, we have an ongoing exclusive “Watch and Discuss with a Machinimator” and we have the honor of experiencing a presentation led by Bleu Oleander, “Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist”.

Bleu Oleander has dedicated many years to her creative exploration and artistic talents. “In my first life, I have always defined myself as an artist … not only an artist who makes paintings but also as an artist who embodies a way of seeing the world.”

Bleu is a talented RL photographer as well as a RL painter. “A number of years ago, I created a series of RL paintings titled: “On the Inside Looking Out… These paintings were creations of a dream-like spaces where nature, psychological and physical space, and time were explored.”

During this time in Bleu’s life, she started to explore Second Life with it’s many artistic and creative possibilities. “In a way, it was similar to entering the dream-like spaces of my paintings. Dropping my awareness of my physical space and traveling into a creative virtual space. Creating ‘Machinimas,’ I was trying to paint some of these thoughts using video as a medium.”

“My Presentation, ‘Confessions of an Amateur Machinimist,’ isn’t meant to be a ‘how to’ or technical talk, but meant to inspire everyone to pick up their digital brushes and leave their virtual marks! Its what we do as humans!”

“Its about curiosity, exploration and reflection.”

Where: Machinima Land at SLEA
Host: Wizardoz Chrome
Date: April 12th
Time: 1pm slt - Bleu Oleander's Presentation
          2pm slt (approx.) for fun and music by DJ Nette Reinoir.

Credits: Image and quotes provided by Bleu Oleander.


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