SLEA Launch 2 Announcement!

On March 22nd The SLEA Liaison Team (Safar Fiertze, Regi Yifu, Dawny Daviau, Eupalinos Ugajin and Tansee) met with Brett Linden and Patch Linden at the Performing Arts Center to report the progress of SLEA and to confirm the possibility of a Launch 2. We are pleased to announce the approval of Launch 2, which will be running from July 1, 2021- December 31, 2021!

Applications for Launch 2 will be open from May1, 2021- May 21, 2021

The selection process for Launch 2 Grant Artist was reviewed by the team. The recommendation is as follows:

Launch 2 will solely depend on the number of artists who apply.

The goal is to offer a balanced, democratic, transparent, win-win method. Upon receiving applications we will promptly assess the requests for region space and duration. Requests for specific region sizes will not always guaranteed.

The Curator Concept could be once again successful to accommodate all applicants for Launch 2, eliminating the need for score-sheets.

In the event we are unable to accommodate all grants using the CC method we would call upon Launch 1 grant artists.

In summary:

•First Choice - Preferred Curator Concept awarding all who apply 

•Second Choice - Call upon Launch 1 Grant Artists to use the score sheet award system

In the event we call upon Launch 1 GA who have all agreed to this process, applications will be presented and scored anonymously.  

May 1 - May 21, 2021 Launch 2. Grant Artist Applications Open

May 21 - May 31  Assessment made by Tansee, Safar, Regi and Dawny if Curator Concept process is possible

June 1 - June 15  time allotment if Score - sheet Method is used

June 15 - Launch 2 Grant Award Recipients announced

* Specific dates are subject to change

We are excited to begin the process for the upcoming Launch 2 and look forward to announcing the Grant Award Recipients!

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