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Creative with Cubes

What can you do with a cube? How far can you push it’s limits? We invite you to join us in the continuation with our series of creative events at the SLEA Art Sandbox.

Are you a novice to Second Life creating? This is a great opportunity to learn something new. Are you a seasoned virtual creator? This creative event will be a great way to socialize and challenge yourself with ways to utilize a primitive cube.

The event will be hosted by Safar Fiertze and the music will be provided by DJ Verdant (Verdant Homewood).

Where: SLEA Art Sandbox

When: April 3rd at 2pm slt.

Don’t forget, you will need to join the group to build here at the SLEA Art Sandbox and it’s completely free. You can find a group joiner located at the SLEA Artist Club.

The event is suitable for both the novice and advanced SL artists. We welcome all who wish to participate, learn, socialize and share creative knowledge. I look forward to seeing your imaginative creations!!


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