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Bioacoustics Museolab

With art experience in multiple virtual worlds, including our very own Second Life, Pearl Hyacinth (pearlhyacinth) has brought to SLEA the exhibit Bioacoustics Museolab. Located on Region 6, the outline of Bioacoustics is located on the wall upon landing. The exhibit is broken down to 4 Stages. Building, adding content, performances, and lastly a presentation.

We are an experiment. Everything is connected – Pearl Hyacinth

Prior to walking into the exhibit, Pearl also has another wall with posters containing links to her other works of art. Included in the lineup is a link to Pearl’s website where you can view her real life works of art. Bioacoustics Museolab is currently undergoing stage 2, adding content. After walking down the steps I was greeted with a vast body of water. From there I took the swan boat around the sim and took in the sights. Under water there are glowing orbs that bring the area to life. I am eager to see what Pearl brings to her exhibit during stage 3- performances. The large structure leaves something to the imagination with ample spaces for inspiring performances. Bioacoustics Museolab is an ever evolving process. I recommend checking back often to see what new things Pearl will add. We are slightly over halfway through Pearl’s exhibit, and with the final day of Bioacoustics Museolab being June 30th, I anxiously await seeing the final stages unfold.


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