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The 7 Dimensions

Tiggy T. Omega (tigerlola) has been apart of the performance dance scene within Second Life for quite some time now. Over the course of her time spent performing in second life, a significant amount of time is spent creating the set for the performances. As a grant artist for SLEA, Tiggy created a three scene installation called The 7 Dimensions. The artists goal is to do what she is most passionate about, creating sets with the ability to allow her imagination to freely roam.

“I love to make imagination come to life in pixels” – Tiggy T. Omega

The creation of Tiggy’s installment with SLEA was an undertaking that called upon much thought and creativity. Located on SLEA Region 4 NW, The 7th Dimensions is a three scene artistic display that shows three fantastical worlds…, Frost, Volcano, and Galaxy. Upon landing I took the teleporter to the first world, Frost. From there visitors can explore the wintry scene. We are encouraged to freely interpret each scene with our own imaginations.

Frost brings to mind what I would imagine a futuristic winter wonderland to be. The ground reminds me of ice, as if we are on a lake separating nature and civilization. For this scene I recommend setting your EEP/windlight to Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Volcano is a stark contrast to Frost. My favorite scene of the exhibit, Volcano is a very dark scene. Set on a rocky volcanic terrain, this scene has all the lava and glowing craggy rock fit for horror. Be careful of the erupting lava! Volcano is best viewed with a dark windlight. I recommend using Daytime shadows for a more immersive experience.

Last but not least, Galaxy. With a space theme, Galaxy offers a bit of a fantasy touch to the exhibit. Beautiful glowing plants and floating objects brings this scene to life. Galaxy feels like a foreign far off dream. Contained in a single room, this scene could make for an amazing dance show. No special windlight/EEP setting is needed to view this scene. Just take in the sights.

The 7 Dimensions is an interesting exhibit to be seen. We hope that you and your friends can view it before the exhibit leaves at the end of March. What will be your interpretation of The 7 Dimensions?


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